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What would you like to do? commond line tool
# by Nathan Grigg
import sys
import argparse
import os.path
from subprocess import Popen,PIPE
def escape(s):
s = s.replace("\\","\\\\")
s = s.replace('"','\\"')
return s
def parse_arguments():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description="Create a new mail message using",
usage = \
""" [-c cc-addr ...] [-b bcc-addr ...] [-a attachment ...]
[-r from-addr] [-s subject] [--send] [--] [to-addr ...]""")
help="message recipient(s)")
parser.add_argument('-s',metavar="subject",help="message subject")
help="carbon copy recipient(s)")
help="blind carbon copy recipient(s)")
parser.add_argument('-r',metavar="addr",help="from address")
parser.add_argument('--input',metavar="file",help="Input file",
parser.add_argument('--send',action="store_true",help="Send the message")
#parser.add_argument('-t',action="store_true",help="Extract metadata from inline headers")
return parser.parse_args()
def make_message(content,subject=None,to_addr=None,from_addr=None,send=False,
"""Uses applescript to create a mail message with the given attributes"""
if send:
properties = ["visible:false"]
properties = ["visible:true"]
if subject:
properties.append('subject:"%s"' % escape(args.s))
if from_addr:
properties.append('sender:"%s"' % escape(args.r))
if len(content) > 0:
properties.append('content:"%s"' % escape(content))
properties_string = ",".join(properties)
template = 'make new %s with properties {%s:"%s"}'
make_new = []
if to_addr:
make_new.extend([template % ("to recipient","address",escape(addr))
for addr in to_addr])
if cc_addr:
make_new.extend([template % ("cc recipient","address",escape(addr))
for addr in cc_addr])
if bcc_addr:
make_new.extend([template % ("bcc recipient","address",escape(addr))
for addr in bcc_addr])
if attach:
make_new.extend([template % ("attachment","file name",
escape(os.path.abspath(f))) for f in attach])
if send:
if len(make_new) > 0:
make_new_string = "tell result\n" + "\n".join(make_new) + "\nend tell\n"
make_new_string = ""
script = """tell application "Mail"
make new outgoing message with properties {%s}
%s end tell
""" % (properties_string, make_new_string)
# run applescript
p = Popen(['/usr/bin/osascript'],stdin=PIPE,stdout=PIPE)
return p.returncode
if __name__ == "__main__":
args = parse_arguments()
content =
code = make_message(content,
subject = args.s,
to_addr = args.recipient,
from_addr = args.r,
send = args.send,
cc_addr = args.c,
bcc_addr = args.b,
attach = args.a)

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casutton commented May 25, 2014

Thanks for this gist. It is very useful! I noticed what appears to be a small typo in make_message in which it references the command-line args hash instead of using its method arguments. I have fixed this in a gist here:

Feel free to pull from it if you like it!


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theconsultant commented Nov 25, 2018

This is awesome! Thanks @nathangrigg 👍

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