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Cooking up great code

Nathan LeClaire nathanleclaire

Cooking up great code
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$('body').on("click mousedown mouseup focus blur keydown change dblclick mousemove mouseover mouseout mousewheel keydown keyup keypress textInput touchstart touchmove touchend touchcancel resize scroll zoom select change submit reset",function(e){
public static class DatabaseService {
public void queryDb(String id) {
try (Span childSpan = beeline.startChildSpan("customer-db-query")) {
String data = getCustomerDataById(id);
childSpan.addField("customer-data", data);
public String getCustomerDataById(String id) {

create a new network

$ docker network create test

create a container to listen

$ docker run -d --net test --network-alias listener alpine nc -l 8080
nathanleclaire / index.js
Created Feb 20, 2019
honeycombio nodejs beeline tracing without any frameworks
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const beeline = require("honeycomb-beeline")({
writeKey: "KEY",
dataset: "examples.puppeteer",
serviceName: "examples.puppeteer",
const puppeteer = require("puppeteer");
let trace = beeline.startTrace();
(async () => {

Offer direct access to the raw data iff you have a very specific idea what you are looking for already

🚫 Not ergonomic to query

🚫 Slow and hard to maintain

🚫 Tend to be full of a lot of noise

🚫 Hard to get a feel for trends


Offer lovely view of requests as they flow through your system

Offers access to the raw data making up every result

🚫 Instrumentation is hard to start small and grow outwards

🚫 Finding the traces you are interested in is difficult

🚫 Nowhere to go from problematic traces (i.e., no way to ask additional questions)

nathanleclaire / gke.hcl
Last active Sep 21, 2018
Basic setup to get a GKE cluster on Google Cloud using Terraform
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variable "kube_password" {
default = "containers_r_cool"
variable "google_project" {
default = "honeycomb-test-project"
variable "google_region" {
default = "us-west1-a"
nathanleclaire /
Last active Apr 24, 2018
Holbie Students Guide to Get First Job

How Do You Get a New Job?

How do you get a new job in the tech industry? Perhaps even your first job? What if you don't have any experience? Are you screwed?

No. You can do it. You will get rejected. A LOT. Be prepared to experience 15 or more rejections for every offer you get. It will suck. But if you go out and pound the pavement, if you keep persisting, and if you keep improving your skills - some daring soul will take a chance on you, you will get a job, and the next time you go through the whole circus it will be easier.

It's not going to be easy, but it's possible. And every subsequent job hop (if you're doing it right) should be easier for you, so you might as well get started now. If you execute your job search(es) well, the difference it will make over your whole career will add up to anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on how lucky you get and how savvy you are. There are, of course, many other benefits from landing a good job from flexible working hour

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invoke as root:


set -e

apt-get update

# alt: 'apt-get install -y zookeeperd' might set up the service as well