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Last active Feb 14, 2016
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ScarabOsd configuration for the Rctimer Victory230, load it with the ScarabOSD GUI
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
<comment>MWOSD Configuration File Sat Feb 13 23:18:09 PST 2016</comment>
<entry key="S_CS2">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS1">0.0</entry>
<entry key=" - GPS Altitude">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS0">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Speed alarm">0.0</entry>
<entry key="RC Switch">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Voltage Alarm">13.8</entry>
<entry key="Battery Cells">4.0</entry>
<entry key="Timer alarm">5.0</entry>
<entry key=" - Map mode">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Units">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Time Zone offset">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Amps zero">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Amperage 16L">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Debug">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Amperage 16H">0.0</entry>
<entry key="RC Switch ch">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Use FC RSSI">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Gimbal">0.0</entry>
<entry key="x10 Altitude alarm">40.0</entry>
<entry key=" - SB direction">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Unused6">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Unused5">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Time Zone +/-">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Unused4">0.0</entry>
<entry key=" - SB Scrolling">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Unused3">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Use BoxNames">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Vario">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Horizon Bar">1.0</entry>
<entry key="S16_AMPMAX">0.0</entry>
<entry key=" - Coords on Top">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Video Voltage">0.0</entry>
<entry key="HUD layout High">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Use Virtual Sensor">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display CallSign">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Video Signal">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Voltage Adjust">200.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Compass">0.0</entry>
<entry key="RSSI Alarm">49.0</entry>
<entry key="Use FC amperage">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Display BARO ALT">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Voltage">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Amps">1.0</entry>
<entry key="RSSI min">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Use PWM">0.0</entry>
<entry key=" - FM sensors">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Reset Stats After Arm">0.0</entry>
<entry key="x100 Distance alarm">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Heading">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Angle to Home">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S16_SPARE2">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S16_SPARE1">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Vid Voltage Alarm">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display GPS time">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Use FC main voltage">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Display RSSI">1.0</entry>
<entry key="EEPROM Loaded">1.0</entry>
<entry key="x100 mAh Alarm">50.0</entry>
<entry key="Enable ADC 5v ref">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Side Bars">0.0</entry>
<entry key=" - GPS Coords">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Battery Status">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Throttle Position">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Timer">1.0</entry>
<entry key="RSSI max">0.0</entry>
<entry key=" - Heading 360">0.0</entry>
<entry key="HUD layout Low">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display GPS">0.0</entry>
<entry key=" - HB Elevation">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Display Flight Mode">1.0</entry>
<entry key="HUD layout Mid">0.0</entry>
<entry key="Amp Alarm">100.0</entry>
<entry key="Display mAh">1.0</entry>
<entry key="Amps Adjust">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS9">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS8">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS7">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS6">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS5">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS4">0.0</entry>
<entry key="S_CS3">0.0</entry>
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