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VAR @httppost,@apiid,@apistatusCode,@apiresponse,@apitoken
SET @apiid = '{"client_id": "client_id","client_secret": "client_secret", "grant_type": "client_credentials","account_id": "MID"}' /* Forming up the string for getting the access token */
SET @httppost = HTTPPost2("","application/json",@apiid,true,@apiresponse,@responseRows) /* Making a POST call to get access token */
IF(@httppost == "200") Then /* If status is Sucess */
set @rows = BuildRowsetFromString(@apiresponse,'"') /* Split the rows based on '"' string */
set @rowCount = rowCount(@rows)
if @rowCount > 0 then
for @i = 1 to @rowCount do
var @apitoken
set @row = row(@rows,4) /* 4th row is where we can get the access token */
set @apitoken = field(@row,1)
next @i
output('Error') /* If response does not have any value then return Error */
output(concat('success - ',@apitoken))
output('Error') /* If response is not sucess then return Error */
API Token - %%=v(@apitoken)=%% <br><br><br>
API Status Code - %%=v(@httppost)=%%<br><br><br>
API Response - %%=v(@apiresponse)=%%<br><br><br>
API Response Rows - %%=v(@responseRows)=%%<br><br><br>
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