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Shopclass theme for osclass Changelog
SHOPCLASS 1.4.0 13-JUN-2017
Whole New Sitemap functionality with always updated dynamic sitemap( First in Osclass ).
No generation or cron job needed for Sitemap update.
New multi-locale field in Theme dashboard.
Now Dynamic text field can be translated in theme dashboard.
WhatsApp share button fixed.
Cookie Consent Alert Option in Theme Dashboard.
Logo upload related and Osclass editor bug fixed.
Jquery Validation Related Changes.
Other multiple changes for performance improvement and code refactoring.
Updated changelog and language file.
SHOPCLASS 1.3.0 06-DEC-2017
Many Core Admin Settings handling is moved from legacy form to new AdminForm classes.
New options in theme settings. Now you can add address and info email in footer through these options.
Category Images and Slider Images are now stored in oc-content/uploads directory to make future upgrade easier.
Ads loop are now dynamically generated through new adsLoop Classes.
Few style related changes for ads loop.
A new home page layout option. Now their are 3 home-page layout.
Recaptcha JS loading issue fixed.
Removed few php7.0 specific arguments which are causing issue for user's using older php version.
Now homepage slider pause on smaller devices.
Removed many old functions which are not needed now.
Css, JS, images are all moved in assets directory.
Few bug fixes and improvement in Sphinx Search APIs.
Fixed few breadcrumb related bugs.
Updated language files with new text string.
More refined core files. A step for future feature additions.
SHOPCLASS 1.2.0 22-NOV-2017
Admin Dashboard Use New Classes to Create User Dashboard Area.
New Classes are designed to improve extensibility in future.
Admin Dashboard is tweaked for better management(More to come in future).
New and Improved Sphinx Search APIs, Removed Old Classes, New Search Modal.
Now related ads fully support all filter with Sphinx Enabled.
Escaping few more alt tags and few value attribute tags.
Changed tfc_path() function.
New StopForumSpam Check feature in Security Settings for new Listing and Comments.
StopForumSpam also add emails to Osclass Ban rules automatically.
New and Improved Osclass Editor with updated user Interface.
Removed unnecessary tags variable from files.
New google map functions (Now needed API key for function)
New Classes for Duplicate Helper and Recaptcha,Honeypot Checks.
Bug Fixed which are reported.
Refactored more code.
Many core related Improvements.
Updated Language files and Changelog.txt
SHOPCLASS 1.1.0 03-NOV-2017
Redesigned User Account Area
Major changes in listing detail page
Changed Style of alert message shown on error, success, warning
HomePage Header Layout Changes.
UI Changes related Ad-loops(List and Gallery).
Location Map Related Changes.
Added two New Colour Scheme GrayBlue and NicePink.
Added New functions to social login classes.
Added Functionality to Fetch User Avatar from social connections.
Changed Shopclass theme update and install function.
Moved cache directory to oc-content/uploads.
Added SphinxSearch Engine Class and functions.
Fixed Search filter button issue on tablet sized screen.
Fixed Recaptcha reset issue after ajax comment submit.
Created and Using New Image Management class for theme wide image related function.
Fixed Category Sitemap function to support any level of category.
HTML escaping to all placeholder, value attribute translation string
Many Functions are removed and merged with new core Classes which we continue to follow in future release.
Many major and minor UI Related Changes for more unified experience.
New Cache Modal with One Abstract Modal. Easy to enable and manipulate. We will Add more drivers to this feature in future.(Currently Supported:APCu,Memcached,Filecache)
Almost All Core Files are touched for more standardised code practices.
Refactored Every(Almost) Core File, Changed Many functions for better performance.
Fixed many case mismatch, php notices, php index warning and bugs you have reported.
New category images size are now 500x375.
Improved many ajax functions our theme uses.
Updated Language Files and Version Bumped to 1.1.0
Updated Awesome Font to latest available 4.7 Version.
Home page widget box hide description on small devices.
Multiple Js related enhancement.
New Version is Faster than it's previous versions with more functionality.
SHOPCLASS 1.0.3 1-OCT-2017
Updated Language Files.
Carousel styling, Fixed few syntax, validation and php notices related error.
Added Social Login Features, Now user can login through Facebook, Google and Twitter account.
Fixed php notice in sphinx search functions.
Now theme caches class use cache defined in osclass config file default is file based caching.
Inbuilt cache modal is updated to respect osclass cache settings in config.php.
Favourite listings in UserDashboard now use osclass routes for pretty permalinks, breadcrumb show proper title and levels.
Fixed issue with favourite listings, which do not get deleted from table on listing deletion.
Fixed issue with favourite premium listings being not visible in user dashboard.
Fixed userid echo bug.
SHOPCLASS 1.0.2 3-DEC-2016
Recaptcha now use curl when available.
Added Whatsapp plugin support.
Added multiple language posting/editing.
Layout-2 Now allow you to view subcategory in modal popup, loaded in ajax way to keep page size low.
Added new section in dashboard settings related to HomePage widgetbox, now you can manage it in Theme dashboard.
Other reported bug-fixes.
Minor style related tweaks.
Updated Language files.
SHOPCLASS 1.0.1 10-SEP-2016
Recaptcha Issue on some installation Fixed.
Sidebar Search Filter Issue Fixed.
Style Improvement to Admin Dashboard.
Basic Help page is added in admin dashboard.
Added MultiStep Category Filter to Search Sidebar and option to enable/disable in admin dashboard.
Breadcrumb Overflow on small screen fixed.
New Login/Register Page Layout.
Fixed Category Refine function to not show disabled category.
Multiple Style Related Fix.
Added Highlighting to premium listings.
Updated Language Files.
Option to manage Logo and Brand Name customisation is easier now.
Other multiple changes.
ShopClass 1.0.0
Initial Release
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