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location of doc tests in neo4j
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Neo4j Documentation

The Neo4j Manual is versioned and released together with the product. An overview of parts of the documentation workflow is found in the manual itself, in the chapter Writing Neo4j Documentation. We use several different approaches to verify our documentation by tests running in CI when the product is built. Testing as much as possible of examples especially makes sense, as we also provide ways to interactively play with Neo4j, see for example Create nodes and relationships.

The documentation toolchain also makes sure that all cross references have valid targets.

The core tools for our documentation are AsciiDoc and DocBook.

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= Donations to German parties
:neo4j-version: 2.1.0
Data from here:
== Sample Data Set
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= The news reads us data in Neo4J
Data by:
== Intro
Interesting data created by
I converted the data from the links.json file and converted it into two simple csv files.
LOAD CSV FROM "" AS csvline
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Color test

CREATE (x:T1),(:T2),(:T3),(:T4),(:T5),(:T6),(:T7),(:T8),(:T9),(:T10),(:T11),(:T12)
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Document Title

Asciidoctor supports font-based admonition icons, powered by Font Awesome!
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= (Product) Hierarchy GraphGist =
This gist is a complement to[blogpost that I wrote] about managing hierarchical data structures in[neo4j]..
In this example, we are using a "product hierarchy", essentially holding information about the composition of a product (what is it made of, how many of the components are used, and at the lowest level, what is the price of these components). The model looks like this:
Note that in the graphgist, I have cut the tree depth to 5 levels (product to costs) instead of 6 in the blogpost - and that I also reduced the width of the tree to make it manageable in a gist.

Keybase proof

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  • I am nawroth on github.
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To claim this, I am signing this object:

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Failed merge

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| hpc          | The High-Performance Cache. Provides means of assigning a specific amount of memory to dedicate to caching loaded nodes and relationships.
nawroth /
Created Feb 15, 2013
Importing dbpedia into Neo4j.
package y;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Iterator;
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= The Neo4j GraphGist Console =
This is a sample GraphGist explaining some of the base concepts of sharing graphs using[the Cypher query language].
// The following is a placeholder for a Cypher console.
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