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Split a F# sequence (Seq) into chunks
// Author: Nathan B. Evans
// Twitter: @nbevans
// Blog:
// License: MIT
/// Returns a sequence that yields chunks of length n.
/// Each chunk is returned as an array.
let toChunks n (s:seq<'t>) = seq {
let pos = ref 0
let buffer = Array.zeroCreate<'t> n
for x in s do
buffer.[!pos] <- x
if !pos = n - 1 then
yield buffer |> Array.copy
pos := 0
incr pos
if !pos > 0 then
yield Array.sub buffer 0 !pos
// Ridiculously imperative, but it works and is performant; won't seek the sequence more than once.
// If you're using in a forward-only manner and won't be holding references to the returned chunks
// then you can get rid of the Array.copy to gain some extra perf and reduce GC.
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