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Last active Jul 2, 2019
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What was that game called? CYF Conference 2019 - social games

"What was that game called?" - CYF Conference 2019

Happy Salmon

Pit (1903)

8 players, or 16 with 2 packs.

We mostly played "Silent Pit" variant. Also see "Cow Pit" where you walk around "moo'ing" like a cow, once, twice, thrice, or four times!

Zip Zap Boing

Johann Sebastian Joust

No Thanks!

4-6 players. Needs a table.


On the bus

Cockroach Poker

(On the bus)

The Insider (2016)

(On the bus)

playable with some scraps of paper and a pen, a few playing cards, or just some m&ms/skittles.


(On the bus)

If you relax the time constraints and perhaps ignore the taboo words this is good for ESOL, and practice of careful articulation.


(On the bus)

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