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100_doors - intermediate challenge, requires multiple loops and a boolean array
guess_user_number - binary search, computer guesses number, user says higher/lower
even_fibonacci - find a sum of the even numbers in the first x numbers in the fibonacci sequence
palindromes - there are several in GH, ex largest_palindrome_product, however string palindromes are better
you could make it indifferent to cases, spaces, etc
number_letter_counts - thing about getting the number of letters in a spelled out number (one, two etc)
number_spiral - hard. extra credit if you give it. generating a spiral of numbers in a 2d array
digit_factorials - find the numbers which are equal to the sum of each digit's factorial
base_converter - could try this. i dont have one, but it'd be cool to do it home grown
coin_sums - using british coins, how many ways can you get to £2
product_in_series - fairly simple, find the 13 adjacent numbs with highest product
thousand_digit_fibonacci - find first thousand digit fibonacci number
mults_of_3_and_5 - farily simple for loop magic
pandigitals - that thing i told you with digits 1-9
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