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How to export your Tumblr site

How to export your Tumblr site

You will need to have Ruby installed and the knowledge of how to run commands from the terminal.

  1. Install the jekyll-import gem.

     gem install jekyll-import
  2. Save the included export.rb to an empty folder.

  3. Open export.rb with a text editor and define the website to export under "url".

  4. Run the script from your terminal with ruby export.rb.

You should now have a very basic _posts/ and tumblr_files/ folder.

require "jekyll-import";{
"url" => "",
"format" => "html", # "md" misses links and images etc
"grab_images" => true,
"add_highlights" => false,
"rewrite_urls" => false # `true` breaks build
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