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Last active Sep 27, 2019
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let mapleader = " "
set backupdir=.backup/,~/.backup/,/tmp//
set directory=.swp/,~/.swp/,/tmp//
set undodir=.undo/,~/.undo/,/tmp//
set undofile
packloadall " Load all plugins.
silent! helptags ALL " Load help files for all plugins.
if &t_Co > 2 || has("gui_running")
syntax on
set mouse=a
set nocompatible
filetype plugin indent on
" automatically leave insert mode after 'updatetime' milliseconds of inaction
" au CursorHoldI * stopinsert
" set 'updatetime' to 15 seconds when in insert mode
"au InsertEnter * let updaterestore=&updatetime | set updatetime=2000
"au InsertLeave * let &updatetime=updaterestore
set number
set relativenumber
set autoindent
set smartindent
set showcmd
set scrolloff=10
set background=dark
packadd! matchit
colorscheme darkblue
" General settings
nnoremap <CR> o<ESC>k
nnoremap <Bs> O<ESC>j
nnoremap <Up> ddkP
nnoremap <Down> ddp
" Easy Tabs
nnoremap <Right> gt
nnoremap <Left> gT
" Easy Buffers
set hidden
nnoremap <PageUp> :bprevious<CR>
nnoremap <PageDown> :bnext<CR>
" Python files
autocmd FileType python set tabstop=4|set shiftwidth=4|set noexpandtab
au BufEnter *.py set ai sw=4 ts=4 et
" PHP files
autocmd FileType php,html,js,ts,shell,dot set tabstop=2|set shiftwidth=2|set noexpandtab
au BufEnter *.php,*.html,*.js,*.ts,*.sh,*.dot set ai sw=2 ts=2 et
" Graphviz dot files
autocmd FileType dot map <buffer> <leader>cl osubgraph cluster_NOME{<CR>}<ESC>^kfN
" Go files
autocmd FileType go set tabstop=2|set shiftwidth=2|set noexpandtab
au BufEnter *.go set ai sw=2 ts=2 et
autocmd FileType dot map <buffer> <leader>cl osubgraph cluster_NOME{<CR>}<ESC>^k
" HTML Files
" Break up a tag
autocmd FileType html let @b='cit
" Importing libraries
autocmd FileType go map <buffer> <leader>imp Oimport (<CR>)<ESC>hi""<ESC>h
autocmd FileType ts map <buffer> <leader>imp Oimport { } from '';<ESC>F{lli
" Creating functions
autocmd FileType go map <buffer> <leader>f ofunc (r *Receiver) name (p Parameter) (r Return){<CR>}<ESC>k^f(l
autocmd FileType python map <buffer> <leader>f odef name(parameter):<CR>pass<ESC>k^fn
autocmd FileType javascript,js map <buffer> <leader>f ofunction name(parameter){<CR>}<ESC>kf l
autocmd FileType php map <buffer> <leader>f ofunction <C-R>=expand("%:t:r")<CR>_Name($parameter){<CR>}<ESC>k$F_l
" Creating if empty
autocmd FileType php noremap <buffer> <leader>ifem iif (empty()){<CR>}<ESC>k^f(f(a
autocmd FileType php noremap <buffer> <leader>toem ^f=wyt;iempty(<ESC>pa) ? "" : <ESC>
" Creating lists
" unordered
autocmd FileType tex,latex map <buffer> <leader>lu o\begin{itemize}<CR>\item<CR>\end{itemize}<ESC>k
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>lu o<ul><CR><li></li><CR></ul><ESC>k
" ordered
autocmd FileType tex,latex map <buffer> <leader>lo o\begin{enumerate}<CR>\item<CR>\end{enumerate}<ESC>k
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>lo o<ol><CR><li></li><CR></ol><ESC>k
" Surrounding with tags
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>stp I<p><ESC>A</p><ESC>
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>stdt I<dt><ESC>A</dt><ESC>
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>stdd I<dd><ESC>A</dd><ESC>
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>stdiv I<div><ESC>A</div><ESC>
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>start I<article><ESC>A</article><ESC>
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>stsec I<section><ESC>A</section><ESC>
autocmd FileType html map <buffer> <leader>stli I<li><ESC>A</li><ESC>

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@ndvo ndvo commented Sep 27, 2019

set tags=tags;
Ctrl t
vim -t classname

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