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Convert a CTS repository of XML files to both tabular and graph representation
Simple groovy script to convert a CTS repository of local XML files to :
1. tabular representation in structured text files
2. graph representation in RDF (TTL)
Usage: groovy cts.groovy <INVENTORY> <ARCHIVEROOT> <SCHEMA>
where INVENTORY is a CTS TextInventory file, ARCHIVEROOT is the root directory
where XML editions are stored, and SCHEMA is the Relax NG schema for validating
the TextInventory.
Run this in a directory where you have write permission; tabular text files
will be put a in a directory named "cts-tabulated" which will be created if it does
not exist. RDF output will be in a file named "cts.ttl" in the current directory.
@GrabResolver(name='beta', root='')
@Grab(group='edu.holycross.shot', module='hocuspocus', version='0.13.5')
import edu.holycross.shot.hocuspocus.Corpus
if (args.size() != 3) {
System.err.println "Usage: groovy cts.groovy <INVENTORY> <ARCHIVEROOT> <SCHEMA>"
// Inputs:
File inv = new File(args[0])
File textArchive = new File(args[1])
File schema = new File(args[2])
// Outputs:
File tabs = new File("cts-tabulated")
if (! tabs.exists()) {
File ttl = new File("cts.ttl")
Corpus c = new Corpus(inv, textArchive, schema)
c.ttl(ttl, true, tabs)
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