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import org.gradle.util.NameMatcher
def isTaskSelected(String... taskNames) {
def matcher = new NameMatcher()
def nameList = Arrays.asList(taskNames)
def requestedTaskNames = gradle.startParameter.taskNames
for (def requestedTaskName : requestedTaskNames) {
if (matcher.find(requestedTaskName, nameList) != null) {
return true
return false
// Example:
isTaskSelected(":app:assembleRelease", "assembleRelease")
// Note that the result is not necessarily accurate!!!
// More information about the NameMatcher:
import org.gradle.api.internal.GradleInternal
import org.gradle.execution.commandline.CommandLineTaskParser
import org.gradle.execution.TaskSelector
project.gradle.taskGraph.whenReady {
def parser = ((GradleInternal) project.gradle).getServices().get(CommandLineTaskParser)
final List<TaskSelector.TaskSelection> selections = new ArrayList<>()
for (def taskRequest : project.gradle.startParameter.taskRequests) {
// Put your logic here, for example:
for (def selection : selections) {
if (selection.taskName == ":example:assembleRelease") {
// This result is accurate. But you can't use it in the configuration phase.
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