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Created Apr 25, 2022
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const std = @import("std");
const __sighandler_t = ?fn (c_int) callconv(.C) void;
extern fn signal(__sig: c_int, __handler: __sighandler_t) __sighandler_t;
pub fn listenFor(sig: c_int, comptime f: fn () void) void {
_ = signal(sig, Handler(f).handle);
fn Handler(comptime f: fn () void) type {
return struct {
pub fn handle(s: c_int) callconv(.C) void {
std.debug.print("\n", .{});"caught signal: {d}", .{s});
id: e8pdn6ebq6rkxgmctmdhhwd6wcvughnz9ndzmpuk
name: signal
main: signal.zig
license: MIT
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