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Working from home

José Juan Reyes Zuñiga neodevelop

Working from home
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neodevelop /
Created May 10, 2017 — forked from rosswd/
Setting up a Github and Bitbucket account on the same computer.

Setting up github and bitbucket on the same computer

Github will be the main account and bitbucket the secondary.

Create SSH Keys

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "github email"

Enter passphrase when prompted. If you see an option to save the passphrase in your keychain, do it for an easier life.

neodevelop / Haskell_lecture_2.adoc
Last active Jun 17, 2018
Haskell Lecture - Session 2
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Haskell Class

chapter 3 - Types and classes

A type is a collection of related values

For example type Bool

neodevelop / Writing Tools Writeup.markdown
Created Dec 8, 2016 — forked from mojavelinux/Writing Tools Writeup.markdown
How To Write A Technical Book (One Man's Modest Suggestions)
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qsort [] = []
qsort(x:xs) = qsort smaller ++ [x] ++ qsort larger
smaller = [ a | a <- xs, a <= x]
larger = [ b | b <- xs, b > x]
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defmodule Sieve.Eratosthenes do
def primes_to(n) do
sieve([], candidates(n))
defp sieve(primes, []) do


Estamos buscando un desarrollador iOS para la ciudad de México, que tenga conocimientos sólidos en aplicaciones móviles. Los requisitos son los siguientes:

  • Swift 2
    • Core Data
    • Llamadas a WebServices
    • StoryBoards
    • Manejo de la cámara
    • Manejo del hardware en general de los dispositivos
View primes.lisp
(defun is-prime (n)
(cond ((= 2 n) t) ;; Hard-code "2 is a prime"
((= 3 n) t) ;; Hard-code "3 is a prime"
((evenp n) nil) ;; If we're looking at an even now, it's not a prime
(t ;; If it is divisible by an odd number below its square root, it's not prime
(loop for i from 3 to (isqrt n) by 2
never (zerop (mod n i))))))
(print (is-prime 13195))
neodevelop /
Created Jul 15, 2015


Estamos buscando un desarrollador con conocimientos en:

  • PHP
  • C++
  • construcción de scripts
  • ejecución de pruebas
  • manejo de pruebas
  • ideal conocimiento en POS y electrónica básica
neodevelop / delete1.groovy
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Batch delete in #grails
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groupsToDelete = []
Group.list().each { group ->
groupsToDelete << link
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require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'version')
require 'motion/project'
require 'bundler'