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FOSDEM 2017 note


Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

tuan t. pham

#Saturday, Febuary 4

##Software Heritage Speaker: Stefano Zacchiroli, Roberto Di Cosmo

Software must written for people to read, and only incidentally for machine to execute.

Think of it as Project Gutenberg of Human Written Software meets WaybackMachine/Archive. Source for the Win!

Source code provides a view into the mind of the designer, Len Shustek.

##Sysdig Analysing log data

/dev/null is available everywhere. Let's write to it. Clever Hack!

Tools: sysdig, csysdig


##Backup and disaster Recovery Bareos, ReaR, Relax and Recovery...etc. Using scripts to take snapshot of the system and recover when disaster strike.

#Sunday, Febuary 5

##Scaling Graphite At, there are a lot of metrics to collect. In order to scope with the large amount of data, the traditional Graphite software stack is redesigned in order to scale. Vladimir Smirnov gives a brief talk on how they did it.

###Initial Thought

Legacy Graphite Component New component carbon-c-relay

carbon-c-relay: written in C, routes 1M data points per second using only 2 cores.

The key with scaling is that carbon-[c]-relay is Single Point Of Failure. It's hard to scale when there are requirements of Fault-tolerance and High Availability. So the team at Booking redesign the Graphite Stack using carbonzipper, carbonserver, and go-carbon.

###Redesign the Graphite software stack

Legacy Graphite Component New component carbonzipper + carbonserver + go-carbon

The beautiful new software stack looks like this: ZipperStack

###SourceCode on

Component URL

Another thought: IPv6 on Android just works with Android 6.x version.


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Software Heritage API
Software Heritage
Graphite at Scale
Backup & Recovery
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