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#lang racket
(require (planet jaymccarthy/zeromq:2:1))
(require ffi/unsafe)
;; responder
(thread (lambda ()
(define (send-response socket request-bytes)
(let* ([message (malloc _msg 'raw)]
[response-string (string-append (bytes->string/utf-8 request-bytes) " - echoed!")]
[response-bytes (string->bytes/utf-8 response-string)]
[length (bytes-length response-bytes)])
(set-cpointer-tag! message msg-tag)
(msg-init-size! message length)
(memcpy (msg-data-pointer message) response-bytes length)
(lambda () (socket-send-msg! socket 'NOBLOCK))
(lambda ()
(msg-close! message)
(free message)))))
(let* ([context (context 1)]
[socket (socket context 'REP)])
(socket-bind! socket "tcp://")
(let listen ([listening #t])
(let* ([port (open-input-bytes (socket-recv! socket))])
(send-response socket (port->bytes port))
(close-input-port port))
(listen #t))
(socket-close! socket))))
;; requester
(lambda ()
(printf "threading\n")
(let* ([context (context 1)]
[socket (socket context 'REQ)])
(socket-connect! socket "tcp://")
(define (send-requests times)
(if (eq? times 0)
(printf "done sending\n")
(socket-send! socket (string->bytes/utf-8 "Hello")))
(send-requests (- times 1)))
(send-requests 5)
(let show-responses ([listening #t])
(let* ([port (open-input-bytes (socket-recv! socket))])
(printf (string-append (bytes->string/utf-8 (port->bytes port)) "\n"))
(close-input-port port))
(show-responses #t))
(socket-close! socket))))
(sleep 20)
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