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Rotation Limit Finger Script ,to solve perception neuron finger drifting. Need Final IK, Set Script Execution Order to 32000(max)
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using RootMotion.FinalIK;
/// <summary>
/// Perception Neuronを取り付けたキャラクターの指が骨折するのを抑止するコード
/// 適当に軸を指定して、角度の限界をminとmaxで指定する。
/// FinalIKのRotationLimitHingeのまんまだけど、単体で使えることに意味はあるかなあと。
/// 指の左右開き軸とかも制御したければRotationLimitAngle.csを参考にしたら良いと思う。
/// </summary>
public class RotationLimitFinger : RotationLimit
#region Main Interface
/// <summary>
/// Should the rotation be limited around the axis?
/// </summary>
public bool useLimits = true;
/// <summary>
/// The min limit around the axis.
/// </summary>
public float min = -45;
/// <summary>
/// The max limit around the axis.
/// </summary>
public float max = 90;
#endregion Main Interface
public float zeroAxisDisplayOffset; // Angular offset of the scene view display of the Hinge rotation limit
private Quaternion lastRotation = Quaternion.identity;
private float lastAngle;
* Limits the rotation in the local space of this instance's Transform.
* */
protected override Quaternion LimitRotation(Quaternion rotation)
lastRotation = LimitHinge(rotation);
return lastRotation;
private Quaternion LimitHinge(Quaternion rotation)
// If limit is zero return rotation fixed to axis
if (min == 0 && max == 0 && useLimits) return Quaternion.AngleAxis(0, axis);
// Get 1 degree of freedom rotation along axis
Quaternion free1DOF = Limit1DOF(rotation, axis);
if (!useLimits) return free1DOF;
// Get offset from last rotation in angle-axis representation
Quaternion addR = free1DOF * Quaternion.Inverse(lastRotation);
float addA = Quaternion.Angle(Quaternion.identity, addR);
Vector3 secondaryAxis = new Vector3(axis.z, axis.x, axis.y);
Vector3 cross = Vector3.Cross(secondaryAxis, axis);
if (Vector3.Dot(addR * secondaryAxis, cross) > 0f) addA = -addA;
// Clamp to limits
lastAngle = Mathf.Clamp(lastAngle + addA, min, max);
return Quaternion.AngleAxis(lastAngle, axis);
// ScriptExecutionOrderですごく大きな値にしておきましょう。
void LateUpdate () {
transform.localRotation = LimitRotation(transform.localRotation);
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