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How to use Mac KeyChain to store GitHub repos credentials? — First published in issue #108

How to use Mac KeyChain to store GitHub repos credentials?

You know the pain, you cloned a repo over HTTPS, and now Git asks you for your password each time you want to push or pull.

Chances are you already have the git credential-osxkeychain command installed. If not, just install Git with brew: brew install git.

Once installed, just tell Git to use the KeyChain to store your credentials:

git config --global credential.helper osxkeychain

Next time you clone a repo via HTTPS, you’ll be prompt for granting access to KeyChain. That’s it. Any future authentication will be done transparently by Git reading the KeyChain record.

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spsaxena commented Apr 2, 2021


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Brief and to the point. Cheers, thanks a lot! 👍

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Thanks , that's work very well

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u007 commented Jul 25, 2022

need to also add this in ssh config

cat ~/.ssh/config
Host *
    UseKeychain yes

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oscar066 commented Mar 6, 2023


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