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# DL the src code from
# Ubuntu 4.0.0-1:
apt-get install -y libdb4o-cil-dev libdb-dev bison flex build-essential gcc module-init-tools
tar xvf iproute2-4.1.1.tar.xz
cd iproute2-4.1.1
# This will build the new `ip` binary in the ip directory.
# Next backup your old ip binary if you want:
mv /sbin/ip ~/ip.bak
# From inside the iproute2-4.1.1 directory you just built in, find the new binary in the `iproute2-4.1.1/ip/ip` directory and move it to /sbin/ip
mv ip/ip /sbin/ip
ip -V
# ip utility, iproute2-ss150706
modprobe ipvlan
# lsmod | grep ipvl
# ipvlan 24576 0
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