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rename a phoenix project
set -e
ack -l $CURRENT_NAME | xargs sed -i '' -e "s/$CURRENT_NAME/$NEW_NAME/g"
ack -l $CURRENT_OTP | xargs sed -i '' -e "s/$CURRENT_OTP/$NEW_OTP/g"
mv lib/$CURRENT_OTP lib/$NEW_OTP
mv lib/$CURRENT_OTP.ex lib/$NEW_OTP.ex
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jonathan-soifer commented Apr 8, 2017

Minor (possibly irrelevant) typo: CURRENT_NAME="CurentName"

Whoever uses this script will replace the names for their own use case but maybe you would like to know 😄

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skanel commented Sep 24, 2017

can this apply for phoenix 1.3.0?

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rubysolo commented Oct 5, 2017

For phoenix 1.3, you'll want to make sure that you also rename the lib/*_web directory and the lib/*_web.ex file.

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kumekay commented Dec 27, 2017

can this apply for phoenix 1.3.0?

Here is a fork updated for Phoenix 1.3

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