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"abi-return-struct-as-int": true,
"allows-weak-linkage": false,
"arch": "aarch64",
"data-layout": "e-m:w-p:64:64-i32:32-i64:64-i128:128-n32:64-S128",
"dynamic-linking": false,
"emit-debug-gdb-scripts": false,
"env": "",
"exe-suffix": ".efi",
"executables": true,
"features": "+neon,+fp-armv8",
"has-elf-tls": false,
"is-builtin": true,
"linker": "rust-lld",
"linker-flavor": "lld-link",
"lld-flavor": "link",
"llvm-target": "aarch64-pc-windows-msvc",
"max-atomic-width": 64,
"no-default-libraries": false,
"os": "uefi",
"panic-strategy": "abort",
"pre-link-args": {
"lld-link": [
"msvc": [
"requires-uwtable": false,
"singlethread": true,
"stack-probes": true,
"target-c-int-width": "32",
"target-endian": "little",
"target-pointer-width": "64",
"vendor": "unknown"
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