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CodePath 8-Week Mobile Program

CodePath 8-Week Mobile Program

Interested in iOS or Android development? Learn how to build mobile apps while collaborating with other engineers and designers. Work on solving important problems for non-profits with our free 8-week accelerated evening mobile bootcamp. Compete to have the best project and win cash prizes at our CodePath Demo Day. As part of the program, we will have weekly lectures and assigned projects to quickly ramp you up on all aspects of iOS or Android development.

Locations: Note that at the moment the programs only run in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco and Sunnyvale) but we hope to expand to other cities when the time is right.

What do I need to do to apply?

Prerequisites are the following:

  • Located in the bay area
  • CS or engineering degree (or equivalent experience)
  • 2+ years of professional development experience

Please note that if you are currently an Android developer, you may participate in the iOS program and vice-versa. We’ve run this program with over 150 engineers in 7 cohorts, and it’s been a lot of fun so far!

The next cohorts starts on January 14th, 2015, and we are currently accepting applications until January 1st. We admit participants on a rolling basis, so apply early!

We'll send you more details after you apply. You can see more details in the curriculum outline to see what's covered during the program.

Free? What’s the catch?

This program is offered free of cost for the engineering community. However, reserved paid seats are also available for companies interested in mobile training within the same bootcamp. This program has been completed by over 500+ developers and designers at Yahoo, Facebook, Dropbox and dozens of other companies.

We started CodePath to create a place for startup engineers to learn new technologies, provide mentorship, and collaborate on impactful projects with other engineers. If your company is interested in training or sponsoring our initiatives, please email us at

Want to help out?

We try to match each group with an experienced Android or iOS developer, if you’re interested in mentoring, please email us at If you know other developers that might be interested in this program, please forward this email to them.

In addition, we have released extensive open-source community guides for Android, we appreciate any contributions or feedback to help improve them! You can follow us on twitter at @thecodepath for future updates about our programs.

About the CodePath Founders

Tim Lee and Nathan Esquenazi are software developers and startup founders with a wide range of experience building products and software.

We love mentoring engineers and after our startup Miso was acquired, we decided to co-found a company together called CodePath focusing full-time on education and practical technology hands-on training for mobile platforms.

We started the Learning Android Development meetup group and have been running free and inexpensive 1-day workshops for Android over the past year with very positive reception and comments. We also manage and run the Yahoo! mobile training programs for Android and iOS in Sunnyvale and Bangalore running hundreds of engineers through our program.

Tim and I have been working hard to put together a program largely based on our own experiences running startups in the past that would adequately prepare people for a professional position in mobile development.

Program Outline

Week 1

  • Topic: Introduce the foundations of Android development
  • Project: Todo App
  • Chapters: Intro, QuickStart, Chapter 1 (Overview), Chapter 2 (Layouts), Chapter 3 (Views)
  • Assignments: Tip Calculator
  • Key Concepts: Android Project Structure, Activities, Layouts, View Controls, View Adapters

Week 2

  • Topic: Exploring how to create interactive user flows
  • Project: Google Image Search
  • Chapters: Chapter 4 (Interactions), Chapter 5 (Intents + Serializable)
  • Assignments: Advanced Search Settings
  • Key Concepts: Click Handling, Explicit Intents, Implicit Intents, Intent Bundles, Async API Calls

Week 3

  • Topic: Exploring data-driven android applications, persisting dynamic data
  • Project: Twitter Client
  • Chapters: Chapter 6 (Networking), Chapter 7 (Persistence + Preferences)
  • Assignments: Compose Tweet View
  • Key Concepts: AsyncTask, Remote Image Loading, File Storage, SQLite, Preferences, AsyncHTTPClient, JSON Parsing

Week 4

  • Topic: Extending our understanding of complex UI components with Android
  • Project: Twitter with Fragments
  • Chapters: Chapter 8 (Advanced views), Chapter 9 (Fragments+Compat)
  • Assignments: Tabbed Twitter Interface
  • Key Concepts: GridViews, Input Views, Managing Fragments, Compat Integration

Week 5

  • Topic: Explore the rich data accessible within the Android OS
  • Project: TumblrSnap
  • Chapters: Chapter 10 (Content Providers), Chapter 11 (SDK Components)
  • Assignments: Camera Photo and Geotagging
  • Key Concepts: Camera Roll Access, Contact List Access, Making Calls, Map Service Usage, Map Markers, Location Services, Bluetooth, NFC, Accelerometer

Week 6

  • Topic: Customizing the appearance of your views
  • Project: Group Project
  • Key Concepts: Drawables, Styles, Themes

Week 7

  • Topic: Introducing the rich frameworks for animation and custom gesture handling
  • Project: Group Project
  • Key Concepts: Property Animations, Animating Images, Layout Transitions, Gesture Recognition

Week 8

  • Topic: Discussing the final steps towards creating a production application
  • Project: Group Project
  • Chapters: Chapter 12 (Extended Android Universe) and Appendix: Publishing
  • Key Concepts: Popular Libraries, Common Tools, Next Steps, Conclusions

Week 9

  • Demo Day - Engineers present their group projects

What is CodePath?

Tim and I want to build CodePath into a both a school and an engineering career center. We think that the existing system for qualified engineers and quality companies to find one another other is broken and we want to be a part of the solution.

We want to create a free engineering school which is tuition-free for engineers (and for all experience levels) and which gives them access to mentors, collaborators, and quality curriculum to accelerate learning new technologies.

In addition, hand-in-hand we want to forge a premier engineering career center to help engineers at all stages of their careers explore their options, move into roles where they can master new technologies and introduce them to new opportunities. Recruiting is inefficient today and we want to help both companies and engineers by connecting them together.

In short, we want to build a free school for all engineers funded by helping interested engineers get engineering positions at great companies that need them.

Full Program Details

This bootcamp is targeted towards exising engineers that are interested in learning Android or iOS. This is an "evening bootcamp" meaning that all sessions are held after work hours and all of the bootcamp projects can be done after hours or on the weekends. Here's a summary of what you need to know:

  • Free of charge for students
  • 30 students selected for each cohort
  • Accepted students will be notified before January 1st
  • 8-week evening bootcamp starting January 14th
  • In-person sessions held at Zynga's SF office at 8th and Brannan
  • 2 on-site sessions each week in the evening (instruction and lab, 7-9pm)
  • A mini-app is built each week (5 total projects)
  • Group project designed and developed over 8-weeks
  • If applicable, graduates will be helped to find a mobile eng position

More information can be found on the bootcamp site, and on the January 14th bootcamp application.


In order to participate in the bootcamp, there are only a few requirements:

  • Physically present in San Francisco and available Mon/Wed from 7-9 during bootcamp
  • 8-12 additional hours every week to dedicate to projects and collaborative learning
  • Technical (CS, EECS) Degree and/or 3 years of professional software development experience
  • Existing development experience with object-oriented languages
  • Passionate about learning and collaborating on mobile projects
  • Laptop with Mac OS X (iOS, Android), Linux (Android) or Windows (Android)


No book is required for this class, it can be completed entirely using online references and our materials. If you would like a book, we recommend:

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