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def change_dev_category():
global dev_list
dev_list = filter_dev_category()
for dev in dev_list:
print ("system name: "+ dev['sysName']+'\nCurrent Category: '+dev['devCategoryImgSrc']+
'\nIP address: '+ dev['ip']+'\nSystem Description: '+dev['sysDescription']+ '\n\n')
cat_id = input("What is the category to which you want to move the selected device: ")
for i in dev_list:
dev_id = i["id"]
change_dev_cat_url = "/imcrs/plat/res/device/"+dev_id+"/updateCategory"
f_url = url + change_dev_cat_url
payload = '''{ "categoryId" : "'''+cat_id+'''" }'''
r = requests.put(f_url, data=payload, auth=auth, headers=headers) #creates the URL using the payload variable as the contents
if r.status_code == 204:
print (r.status_code)
print ("An Error has occured")
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