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This is a game we play to see who goes first in a cube game. We select a criterion card at random, then each player chooses a random card from Scryfall. Whoever's card fits the criterion best gets to choose whether to play or draw. The criterion cards we use are as follows:

  • Indiana Jones and the __________
  • "On the Phenomenology of __________" (thesis name)
  • JRPG Move (instant/sorcery only)
  • Metal album cover (by art)
  • Hallmark card (by art)
  • Perfume name
  • Romance novel cover (by art)
  • Shakespearean insult
  • Rap album name
  • Naturopathic remedy
  • Bar
  • __________ is the future liberals want
  • The gay agenda starts with __________
  • Explanation for that look on your face when you drag your ass to work on Monday morning
  • Cocktail name
  • Excuse for why you didn't do your homework
  • Sex position
  • Death metal band name
  • UFC fighter nickname
  • "Stop trying to make '__________' happen"
  • Most raw sexual energy (by art)
  • Infomercial product name
  • Reason I was excommunicated
  • Euphemism for an infection
  • Meal at an expensive hipster restaurant
  • Excuse for calling out of work
  • Name of a lipstick shade
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