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Last active Jan 8, 2020
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from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.client.api import IScript
from import IDexUnit
Sample showing:
- how a script can be invoked after a cmdline-provided file has been processed by the JEB UI client
- currently, this script simply searches for a Dex code unit, attempts to find a disassembly fragment for it, and navigate to the cmdline-provided address
How to use:
$ jeb_startup_script --script=ScriptPath -- InputFile AddressToJumpTo
This script can also be used when invoking the JEB UI client via the URI handler 'jeb:'
- drop this script in your JEB folder scripts/ directory
- open a browser and navigate to the URL:
class JumpTo(IScript):
def run(self, ctx):
if len(ctx.getArguments()) < 2:
# arg[0] is the InputFile
addr = ctx.getArguments()[1]
print('Will jump to: %s' % addr)
dexunit = ctx.getMainProject().findUnit(IDexUnit)
if dexunit:
f = ctx.findFragment(dexunit, 'Disassembly', True)
if f:
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