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@ngehlert ngehlert/electron.js
Last active Nov 9, 2019

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Show open dialog with security scoped bookmarks and access them
const settings = require('electron-settings');
.showOpenDialog(mainWindow, {
properties: ['openDirectory'],
securityScopedBookmarks: true,
.then(({ canceled, filePaths, bookmarks }) => {
// If the dialog was canceled or no directory/file selected we don't want to do anything
if (canceled || filePaths.length === 0) {
if (bookmarks && bookmarks.length) {
// store the bookmark key
settings.set('security-scoped-bookmark', bookmarks[0]);
// do something with the file path, e.g. send to your application
const [directory] = filePaths;
mainWindow.webContents.send('new-directory', directory);
// access security scope bookmark
const { app } = require('electron');
const settings = require('electron-settings');
const securityBookmark = settings.get('security-scoped-bookmark');
if (securityBookmark) {
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