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Created Apr 15, 2020
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"arrowParens": "always",
"bracketSpacing": true,
"endOfLine": "lf",
"htmlWhitespaceSensitivity": "css",
"insertPragma": false,
"jsxBracketSameLine": false,
"jsxSingleQuote": false,
"printWidth": 80,
"proseWrap": "preserve",
"quoteProps": "as-needed",
"requirePragma": false,
"semi": true,
"singleQuote": false,
"svelteAllowShorthand": true,
"svelteBracketNewLine": true,
"svelteSortOrder": "scripts-styles-markup",
"svelteStrictMode": true,
"tabWidth": 4,
"trailingComma": "es5",
"useTabs": true,
"vueIndentScriptAndStyle": false
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