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Aborting by using CEvent and CMultiLock
CConvertLock::CConvertLock(CSyncObject* pSyncAbort, CSyncObject* pSyncObj) :
m_SyncObj[0] = pSyncAbort;
m_SyncObj[1] = pSyncObj;
m_pLock = new CMultiLock(m_SyncObj, 2);
delete m_pLock;
DWORD CConvertLock::Lock()
DWORD ret;
ret = m_pLock->Lock(INFINITE, FALSE);
if (m_pLock->IsLocked(0) != FALSE) {
throw CConvert::EConvertError::EAbort;
return ret;
DWORD CConvertLock::Unlock() {
return m_pLock->Unlock();
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