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Fetch collection of Thesaurus description from
use v5.14;
use XML::Atom::Feed;
use XML::Atom::Util;
use XML::LibXML;
use HTML::Parser;
use HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath;
use URI;
my $url = URI->new('');
#$url = 'atom.xml';
my $feed = XML::Atom::Feed->new($url);
binmode *STDOUT, 'utf8';
foreach my $entry ($feed->entries) {
my $title = $entry->title;
my $author = $entry->author->name;
my $content = $entry->content->body;
my $html = HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath->new->parse_content( $content );
my ($link) = map { $_->href }
grep { $_->rel eq 'alternate' } $entry->link;
my @categories = map { $_->term } $entry->category;
my $published = XML::Atom::Util::iso2dt($entry->published);
my ($img) = grep { $_ !~ qr{} }
# clean up HTML
$_->detach for $html->findnodes('//br');
$_->detach for $html->findnodes('//a[@imageanchor]');
$_->detach for $html->findnodes('//img');
$_->replace_with_content for $html->findnodes('//span');
$_->attr('style',undef) for $html->findnodes('//*[@style]');
$_->attr('target',undef) for $html->findnodes('//a[@target]');
foreach my $div ($html->findnodes('/html/body/*')) {
$div->detach unless $div->findvalue('.'); # ignore empty divs
my $body = join "\n", map { ref $_ ? $_->as_HTML('<>&',' ') : $_ }
say $title;
say $link;
say $author;
say $published;
say join ', ', @categories;
say $img;
say $body;
say "----";
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