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4.9 and 4.4 patches
4.9 and 4.4 UPSTREAM (applied top to bottom), see (requires 4.4 backport) or (unique to 4.4):
785f11aa595bc3d4e74096cbd598ada54ecc0d81 kbuild: Add better clang cross build support
a37c45cd82e62a361706b9688a984a3a63957321 kbuild: clang: add -no-integrated-as to KBUILD_[AC]FLAGS
ebf003f0cfb3705e60d40dedc3ec949176c741af kbuild: Consolidate header generation from ASM offset information
7dd47b95b0f54f2057d40af6e66d477e3fe95d13 kbuild: consolidate redundant sed script ASM offset generation
cf0c3e68aa81f992b0301f62e341b710d385bf68 kbuild: fix asm-offset generation to work with clang
a0ae981eba8f07dbc74bce38fd3a462b69a5bc8e kbuild: drop -Wno-unknown-warning-option from clang options
c3f0d0bc5b01ad90c45276952802455750444b4f kbuild, LLVMLinux: Add -Werror to cc-option to support clang (requires 4.4 backport)
6748cb3c299de1ffbe56733647b01dbcc398c419 kbuild: use -Oz instead of -Os when using clang
433db3e260bc8134d4a46ddf20b3668937e12556 kbuild: Add support to generate LLVM assembly files (requires 4.4 backport)
b41c29b0527c7fd6a95d0f71274abb79933bf960 Kbuild: provide a __UNIQUE_ID for clang (unique to 4.4)(already exists in 4.9 b41c29b0)
1f318a8bafcfba9f0d623f4870c4e890fd22e659 modules: mark __inittest/__exittest as __maybe_unused
abb2ea7dfd82451d85ce669b811310c05ab5ca46 compiler, clang: suppress warning for unused static inline functions (already exists in 4.9 94cc698fdaa)
6d53cefb18e4646fb4bf62ccb6098fb3808486df compiler, clang: properly override 'inline' for clang (already exists in 4.9 f276b50c3a5b)
2c4fd1ac3ff167c91272dc43c7bfd2269ef61557 x86/kbuild: Use cc-option to enable -falign-{jumps/loops}
fdb2726f4e61c5e3abc052f547d5a5f6c0dc5504 crypto, x86: aesni - fix token pasting for clang
121843eb02a6e2fa30aefab64bfe183c97230c75 x86/mm/kaslr: Use the _ASM_MUL macro for multiplication to work around Clang incompatibility (already exists upstream 4.9 c49892015f)
f5967101e9de12addcda4510dfbac66d7c5779c3 x86/hweight: Get rid of the special calling convention (unique backport 4.4)(already in 4.9 f596710)
65ea11ec6a82b1d44aba62b59e9eb20247e57c6e x86/hweight: Don't clobber %rdi (unique 4.4) (4.9 exists 65ea11e)
9f3f1fd299768782465cb32cdf0dd4528d11f26b kbuild: Add __cc-option macro (requires 4.4 backport)
032a2c4f65a2f81c93e161a11197ba19bc14a909 x86/build: Use __cc-option for boot code compiler options
d77698df39a512911586834d303275ea5fda74d0 x86/build: Specify stack alignment for clang
bfb38988c51e440fd7062ddf3157f7d8b1dd5d70 kbuild: clang: Disable 'address-of-packed-member' warning
f4857f4c2ee9aa4e2aacac1a845352b00197fb57 crypto: arm64/sha - avoid non-standard inline asm tricks
beaec533fc2701a28a4d667f67c9f59c6e4e0d13 llist: clang: introduce member_address_is_nonnull() (missed in 4.4???) (exists in 4.9 ecd508abb0f)
18d5e6c34a8eda438d5ad8b3b15f42dab01bf05d x86/boot: #undef memcpy() et al in string.c
9a04dbcfb33b4012d0ce8c0282f1e3ca694675b1 compiler, clang: always inline when CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING is disabled (exists in 4.9 29524a9d42)
760b61d76da6d6a99eb245ab61abf71ca5415cea efi/libstub/arm64: Use hidden attribute for struct screen_info reference
0426a4e68f18d75515414361de9e3e1445d2644e efi/libstub/arm64: Force 'hidden' visibility for section markers
91ee5b21ee026c49e4e7483de69b55b8b47042be efi/libstub/arm64: Set -fpie when building the EFI stub
8f91869766c00622b2eaa8ee567db4f333b78c1a x86/build: Fix stack alignment for CLang
9e8730b178a2472fca3123e909d6e69cc8127778 x86/build: Use cc-option to validate stack alignment parameter
(end of 4.4 shared patches, though more custom patches exist)
f5caf621ee357279e759c0911daf6d55c7d36f03 x86/asm: Fix inline asm call constraints for Clang (TODO: issue with 9a5bd36c0b)
520a13c530aeb5f63e011d668c42db1af19ed349 x86/asm: Fix inline asm call constraints for GCC 4.4 (4.9 exists 0a9b2dec6c12e)
8c97023cf0518f172b8cb7a9fffc28b89401abbf Kbuild: use -fshort-wchar globally
... custom backports
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