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Last active Jun 24, 2018
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User settings for Visual Studio Code
// Place your settings in this file to overwrite the default settings
// Theme
"workbench.colorTheme": "Solarized Dark",
"workbench.iconTheme": "vscode-icons",
// Workbench
// Controls if opened editors from Quick Open show as preview. Preview editors are reused until they are kept (e.g. via double click or editing).
"workbench.editor.enablePreviewFromQuickOpen": false,
// Editor
// Add rulers to editor window
"editor.rulers": [120],
// Integrated Terminal
// Windows terminal
"": "C:\\Windows\\System32\\WindowsPowerShell\\v1.0\\powershell.exe",
"powershell.startAutomatically": true,
// Extensions
// Automatic Update
"extensions.autoUpdate": true,
"window.zoomLevel": 0,
// Powershell Configuration
"powershell.developer.editorServicesLogLevel": "Verbose",
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