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Last active Jan 21, 2016
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$ mix deps
* fs 0.9.1 (Hex package) (rebar)
locked at 0.9.2 (fs)
* gettext 0.9.0 (Hex package) (mix)
locked at 0.9.0 (gettext)
* ranch 1.2.1 (Hex package) (rebar)
locked at 1.2.1 (ranch)
* poison 2.0.0 (Hex package) (mix)
locked at 2.0.0 (poison)
* cowlib 1.3.0 (Hex package) (rebar)
locked at 1.3.0 (cowlib)
* cowboy (Hex package) (rebar)
locked at 1.0.4 (cowboy)
the dependency build is outdated, please run "mix deps.compile"
* plug (Hex package) (mix)
locked at 1.1.0 (plug)
the dependency build is outdated, please run "mix deps.compile"
* phoenix_html (Hex package) (mix)
locked at 2.3.1 (phoenix_html)
the dependency build is outdated, please run "mix deps.compile"
* phoenix (Hex package) (mix)
locked at 1.1.3 (phoenix)
the dependency build is outdated, please run "mix deps.compile"
* phoenix_live_reload (Hex package) (mix)
locked at 1.0.3 (phoenix_live_reload)
the dependency build is outdated, please run "mix deps.compile"
$ mix phoenix.server
Could not find "rebar", which is needed to build dependency :fs
I can install a local copy which is just used by Mix
Shall I install rebar? [Yn]
* creating /Users/nicolashery/.mix/rebar
* creating /Users/nicolashery/.mix/rebar3
==> fs (compile)
Compiled src/sys/inotifywait_win32.erl
Compiled src/sys/fsevents.erl
Compiled src/sys/inotifywait.erl
Compiled src/fs_event_bridge.erl
Compiled src/fs_sup.erl
Compiled src/fs_app.erl
Compiled src/fs_server.erl
Compiled src/fs.erl
==> gettext
Compiled src/gettext_po_parser.yrl
Compiled src/gettext_po_parser.erl
Compiled lib/gettext/interpolation.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/extractor_agent.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/po/plural_translation.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/po/exceptions.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/po/translation.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/po/parser.ex
Compiled lib/gettext.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/fuzzy.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/po/translations.ex
Compiled lib/mix/tasks/compile.gettext.ex
Compiled lib/mix/tasks/gettext.extract.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/compiler.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/merger.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/po/tokenizer.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/po.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/extractor.ex
Compiled lib/mix/tasks/gettext.merge.ex
Compiled lib/gettext/plural.ex
Generated gettext app
==> ranch (compile)
Compiled src/ranch_transport.erl
Compiled src/ranch_sup.erl
Compiled src/ranch_server.erl
Compiled src/ranch_protocol.erl
Compiled src/ranch_listener_sup.erl
Compiled src/ranch_ssl.erl
Compiled src/ranch_tcp.erl
Compiled src/ranch_app.erl
Compiled src/ranch_acceptors_sup.erl
Compiled src/ranch_acceptor.erl
Compiled src/ranch_conns_sup.erl
Compiled src/ranch.erl
==> poison
Compiled lib/poison.ex
Compiled lib/poison/parser.ex
Compiled lib/poison/decoder.ex
Compiled lib/poison/encoder.ex
Generated poison app
==> cowlib (compile)
Compiled src/cow_qs.erl
Compiled src/cow_spdy.erl
Compiled src/cow_ws.erl
Compiled src/cow_http_te.erl
Compiled src/cow_multipart.erl
Compiled src/cow_http.erl
Compiled src/cow_date.erl
Compiled src/cow_cookie.erl
Compiled src/cow_mimetypes.erl
Compiled src/cow_http_hd.erl
==> cowboy (compile)
Compiled src/cowboy_sub_protocol.erl
Compiled src/cowboy_middleware.erl
Compiled src/cowboy_sup.erl
Compiled src/cowboy_websocket_handler.erl
Compiled src/cowboy_static.erl
Compiled src/cowboy_spdy.erl
Compiled src/cowboy_router.erl
Compiled src/cowboy_websocket.erl
Compiling src/cowboy_protocol.erl failed:
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:272: undefined macro 'INLINE_LOWERCASE/9'
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:397: undefined macro 'INLINE_LOWERCASE/4'
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:257: function parse_hd_name/8 undefined
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:369: function parse_host/3 undefined
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:275: Warning: function parse_hd_name_ws/8 is unused
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:282: Warning: function wait_hd_before_value/8 is unused
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:295: Warning: function parse_hd_before_value/8 is unused
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:314: Warning: function wait_hd_value/9 is unused
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:329: Warning: function wait_hd_value_nl/9 is unused
src/cowboy_protocol.erl:343: Warning: function parse_hd_value/9 is unused
ERROR: compile failed while processing /Users/nicolashery/dev/busbud/mobweb/deps/cowboy: rebar_abort
==> mobweb
** (Mix) Could not compile dependency :cowboy, "/Users/nicolashery/.mix/rebar compile skip_deps=true deps_dir="/Users/nicolashery/dev/busbud/mobweb/_build/dev/lib"" command failed. You can recompile this dependency with "mix deps.compile cowboy", update it with "mix deps.update cowboy" or clean it with "mix deps.clean cowboy"
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