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Smart Thermostat Raspberry PI - part receive temperature scenarios
Downloads most recent temperature scenarios from cloud server.
First inserts new temperature scenarios in actscenario table.
Then deletes old scenarios from actscenario table. Leaves the last 3 versions.
Used by fcontroll() function.
while True:
facurtime = time.time()
favepoch = int(facurtime)
dbdac1 = dbc.cursor()
dbdac1.execute("SELECT min(vkey) FROM actscenario")
rows = dbdac1.fetchall()
maxrow = (rows)[0][0]
if (maxrow == None):
maxrow = '40b5af01'+'_'+'9999999999'+'_'+'9999999'
with hpool.connection(timeout=3) as connectionacts:
tableacts = connectionacts.table('hactscenario')
hscanacts = tableacts.scan(row_stop=maxrow)
dbdac2 = dbc.cursor()
for key, data in hscanacts:
dbdac2.execute("INSERT INTO actscenario (vkey, vgroup, viepoch, vtempdif, vouttempdif, run0, run1, run2, run3, run4, run5, vscore) VALUES('%s',%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i)" % (str(key),int(data['fd:group']),int(data['fd:iepoch']),int(data['fd:tempdif']),int(data['fd:outtempdif']),int(data['fd:run0']),int(data['fd:run1']),int(data['fd:run2']),int(data['fd:run3']),int(data['fd:run4']),int(data['fd:run5']),int(data['fd:score']) ) )
#delete all scenario except for the last 3 versions
dbdac3 = dbc.cursor()
dbdac3.execute("DELETE FROM actscenario WHERE viepoch NOT IN (SELECT distinct viepoch FROM actscenario order by viepoch desc LIMIT 3)")
except Exception:
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