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Smart Thermostat AWS Spark - Part Spark retrieve scenario information
//spark settings
val sparkconf = new SparkConf().setAppName("tempscore")
val sc = new SparkContext(sparkconf)
//get scenario information from husedscenario table
val confmrscen = HBaseConfiguration.create()
val rowval = args(0).getBytes() //used scenario key is input
val getscenvals = new Get(rowval)
val tablescenvals = new HTable(confmrscen,"husedscenario")
val resgetscenvals = tablescenvals.get(getscenvals)
val valscenariokey = resgetscenvals.getValue("fd".getBytes(), "scenariokey".getBytes())
val valsettemp : Int = Bytes.toString(resgetscenvals.getValue("fd".getBytes(), "settemp".getBytes())).toInt
val valrevepoch : Long = Bytes.toString(rowval).substring(9,19).toLong
val valmaxrevepoch : Long = valrevepoch - (60L*60L) //limit to one hour after scenario started
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