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import System.Environment
import System.IO
import Control.Applicative hiding (many)
import Data.Attoparsec as A
import qualified Data.ByteString as BS
parseMarker = do
part1 <- word8 0xFF
part2 <- notWord8 0x0
return (part1, part2)
parseSection = do
A.skipWhile (\x -> x /= 0xFF) *> parseMarker
parseBody = do
many parseSection
parseJPEG jpeg = do
handleParseResult $ feed (parse parseBody jpeg) BS.empty
handleParseResult result = do
case result of
Fail _ _ msg -> msg
Done _ r -> show r
_ -> ""
main = do
(filename : _ ) <- getArgs
handle <- openFile filename ReadMode
contents <- BS.hGetContents handle
putStrLn $ parseJPEG contents
hClose handle
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