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public static class CognitiveServicesFunction
private static string subscriptionKey = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("COMPUTER_VISION_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY");
private static string endpoint = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("COMPUTER_VISION_ENDPOINT");
private static string uriBase = endpoint + "vision/v2.1/analyze";
public static async Task Run(
[BlobTrigger("scaled-images/{name}", Connection = "")] CloudBlockBlob blob,
string name,
ILogger log)
log.LogInformation($"Incoming scaled image, going to analyse it using cognitive services");
var httpClient = new HttpClient();
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key", subscriptionKey);
await blob.FetchAttributesAsync();
long fileByteLength = blob.Properties.Length;
byte[] fileContent = new byte[fileByteLength];
string uri = $"{uriBase}?visualFeatures=Categories,Description,Color";
var downloaded = await blob.DownloadToByteArrayAsync(fileContent, 0);
using (ByteArrayContent content = new ByteArrayContent(fileContent))
content.Headers.ContentType =
new MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/octet-stream");
var response = await httpClient.PostAsync(uri, content);
string contentString = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
await blob.DeleteIfExistsAsync();
catch (Exception e)
Console.WriteLine("\n" + e.Message);
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