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 Running `target/debug/crater-cli report comparison de11d2aa835ff6bbb0a8b6fcef1ff0a1174418b3 8fadcfc08d577949961ff8a1d6cb70bb94ad3d21`

Regression report de11d2aa835ff6bbb0a8b6fcef1ff0a1174418b3 vs. 8fadcfc08d577949961ff8a1d6cb70bb94ad3d21

  • From: de11d2aa835ff6bbb0a8b6fcef1ff0a1174418b3
  • To: 8fadcfc08d577949961ff8a1d6cb70bb94ad3d21


  • 3319 crates tested: 2008 working / 1245 broken / 14 regressed / 0 fixed / 52 unknown.


  • There are 7 root regressions
  • There are 14 regressions

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Non-root regressions, sorted by rank:

Broken, sorted by rank:

Fixed, sorted by rank:

Working, sorted by rank:

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