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VS Code on the Web - Cheat Sheet - Custom

Original Announcement:

The announcement is very detailed:

  • (Currently) Editing files on your local filesystem requires edge/chromium

Url Cheatsheet

Description Url Format Example Url
Your Editor -
Github: Using<user>/<repo>
github: Using<user>/<repo>
github: Using Azure Dev replace
Live Share /w Guest

Issues Cheatsheet

Example Description
involves:username involves qualifier is a logical OR between
the author, assignee, mentions, and commenter
is:open Open Issues and PRs
is:open assignee:@me Assigned to you
is:open mentions:@me Mentions you
is:open is:issue author:@me Your issues
is:open is:pr author:@me Your PRs
error in:title,body search title and body for error
warning in:title Search title for warning
in:title warning in:title matches issues with "warning" in their title.
in:body error in:title,body matches issues with "error" in their title or body.
shipit in:comments matches issues mentioning "shipit" in their comments.


Mentioned addons

Code Tours

Gistpad: Private Gist Tours

... Allows you to easily create your own private tours and/or create tours that can be shared with others on your team ... Once a tour is exported as a gist ... They are able to take the exact same tour, regardless if they have the code locally available or not

screenshot tours screenshot 2

CI: Github Action

CodeTour Watch

CI: Azure Action

CodeTour Watcher

Github Issues

Using Variables / OR appending queries

Github Issues: Query Syntax Docs

screenshot issues

Wiki Lens


"kind": 2,
"language": "github-issues",
"value": "$vscode=repo:microsoft/vscode \r\n$milestone=milestone:\"May 2020\"\r\n$vscode $milestone is:closed author:@me -assignee:@me "
"kind": 2,
"language": "github-issues",
"value": "$repo=repo:microsoft/vscode-powerquery\r\n$repo is:open involves:ninmonkey"
"kind": 2,
"language": "github-issues",
"value": "$repo=repo:PowerShell/vscode-powershell\r\n$repo involves:@me"
"kind": 2,
"language": "github-issues",
"value": "$repo=repo:PowerShell/vscode-powershell\r\n$repo involves:@me\r\n"

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Github issue queries with variables

$milestone=milestone:"May 2020"
$vscode $milestone is:closed author:@me -assignee:@me
$repo involves:@me
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