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Dorin Brage nirodg

  • Bratislava
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View gears3_fullDumpeMMC.bin.txt
37748753 0x2400011 Linux EXT filesystem, rev 1.0, ext4 filesystem data, UUID=28dbe996-15f3-4532-93a3-2b880f220f22
37799955 0x240C813 Linux EXT filesystem, rev 1.0, ext4 filesystem data, UUID=28dbe996-15f3-4532-93a3-2b880f220f22
39191672 0x2560478 Unix path: /opt/usr/media/cred.conf'
39191742 0x25604BE Unix path: /opt/usr/media/cred.conf', error: No such file or directory
39217403 0x25668FB Unix path: /31457280/0/2/14/0/0/0
39230619 0x2569C9B Unix path: /31457280/0/2/14/0/0/0
39243835 0x256D03B Unix path: /31457280/0/2/14/0/0/0
nirodg / Selenide cheat sheet
Created Feb 28, 2020 — forked from mkpythonanywhereblog/Selenide cheat sheet
Selenide cheat sheet to create concise UI tests in Java. What is Selenide? Selenide is a wrapper for Selenium WebDriver.
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baseUrl = "";
nirodg /
Created Jan 15, 2020 — forked from mdziekon/
XPS 15 9570 - DualBoot with Encryption (Windows 10 with BitLocker + Ubuntu 18.04 with LVM on LUKS)
  • Based on
  • Installation date: 15-09-2018
  • Additional notes based on my own experience
  • The process describes a completely fresh installation with a complete repartitioning, however it should work fine when Windows is already installed (eg. brand new machine with Windows preinstalled).
  • The process was conducted on Dell's XPS 15 9570 (2018) with specs:
    • CPU: i7-8750H
    • Screen: 4K with Touch
    • RAM: 16 GB (original) / 32 GB (manually upgraded)
    • Drive: 512 GB (SK Hynix PC401)
nirodg /
Created Dec 18, 2018
Wait for X minutes and seconds then it stops.
int minute = 0, seconds = 30, waitingTime = 2;
Calendar currTime = Calendar.getInstance();
Calendar timeSleep = (Calendar) currTime.clone();
timeSleep.add(Calendar.MINUTE, minute);
timeSleep.add(Calendar.SECOND, seconds);
System.out.println(String.format("Now is %s:%s and I will wait until %s:%s", currTime.get(Calendar.MINUTE), currTime.get(Calendar.SECOND),
timeSleep.get(Calendar.MINUTE), timeSleep.get(Calendar.SECOND)));
nirodg /
Created Nov 28, 2018
Algorithm for checking if all values of an array are the same.
public static void main(String[] args) {
int[] age = new int[3];
age[0] = 16;
age[1] = 24;
age[2] = 30;
nirodg / ArduinoPotentiometerPosition.ino
Created Mar 30, 2018
Potentiometer's degree's position for Arduino
View ArduinoPotentiometerPosition.ino
// author: Dorin Brage
// repo:
long maxRotPtr = 1023; // Max potentiometr value
long totalDegr = 360; // Max degree
long rotationPtr = 0; // Will be fetch from the A0 input
const int sensorInput = 0;
void setup() {
nirodg /
Created Mar 25, 2018
Mimic the sortable jquery functionality
public static <T> List<T> sortItem(List<T> sortList, int moveFrom, int moveTo) {
if (moveFrom == moveTo) {
// do nothing
return null;
boolean isLastPosition = (sortList.size() == moveTo + 1);
T currentElement = sortList.get(moveFrom);
nirodg /
Last active Jun 1, 2017
Docker CleanUp - Removes containers and volumes
# Stopping all containers
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
# Removing all containers
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
# Removing all volumes
docker volume rm `docker volume ls -q -f dangling=true`
nirodg /
Created Feb 19, 2017 — forked from PurpleBooth/
A template to make good

Project Title

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Getting Started

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