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Decision Tree
Map<Integer, Integer> categoricalFeaturesInfo = new HashMap<>();
int numClasses = 4;
String impurity = "gini";
int maxDepth = 9;
int maxBins = 32;
// create model
final DecisionTreeModel model = DecisionTree.trainClassifier(trainingData, numClasses, categoricalFeaturesInfo, impurity, maxDepth, maxBins);
// Evaluate model on training instances and compute training error
JavaPairRDD<Double, Double> predictionAndLabel = testData.mapToPair(p -> new Tuple2<>(model.predict(p.features()), p.label()));
Double testErrDT = 1.0 * predictionAndLabel.filter(pl -> !pl._1().equals(pl._2())).count() / testData.count();
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