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Last active Sep 16, 2019
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Script to submit the ISRCs stored on an Audio CD to MusicBrainz
# Script to submit the ISRCs stored on an Audio CD to MusicBrainz
# By Nicholas Humfrey <>
# Install the following Debian packages:
# icedax
# libmusicbrainz-discid-perl
# libterm-readpassword-perl
# libwebservice-musicbrainz-perl
# Version 0.5 - 29th May 2009
use MusicBrainz::DiscID;
use Term::ReadPassword;
use WebService::MusicBrainz;
use WebService::MusicBrainz::Release;
use strict;
use warnings;
# Which CD drive?
my $drive = $ARGV[0] || MusicBrainz::DiscID::default_device;
die "Unable to find audio CD in drive.\n" unless ($drive);
die "Error: CD-Rom device does not exist: $drive" unless (-e $drive);
print "Reading CD in drive: $drive\n";
# Locate icedax
my $icedax = `which icedax`;
die "Unable to find icedax command in your search path.\n" unless ($icedax);
# Read in ISRCs using Icedax
my $mcn = undef;
my @isrcs = ();
open(ICEDAX, "$icedax -D $drive -g -H -J -Q -v trackid 2>&1 |")
or die "Failed to run icedax command: $!";
while(<ICEDAX>) {
if (/T:\s+(\d+)\s+ISRC:\s+([A-Z]{2}-?\w{3}-?\d{2}-?\d{5})$/) {
my ($num, $isrc) = ($1-1, uc($2));
$isrc =~ s/\W//g;
$isrcs[$num] = $isrc;
} elsif (/Media catalog number: (.+)/i) {
$mcn = $1;
die "Failed to get ISRCs for disc.\n" unless (scalar(@isrcs) > 0);
# Read the DiscID using libdiscid (icedax doesn't always get it right)
my $disc = new MusicBrainz::DiscID($drive);
die "Failed to read DiscID: ".$disc->error_msg() if ( $disc->read() == 0 );
# Display what we parsed in
print "DiscID: ".$disc->id."\n";
print "MCN: ".$mcn."\n" if ($mcn);
for(my $i=0; $i<scalar(@isrcs); $i++) {
printf("Track %2.2d: %s\n", $i+1, $isrcs[$i] || '');
print "\n";
# Search MusicBrainz for release
my $ws = WebService::MusicBrainz::Release->new();
my $result = $ws->search({ DISCID => $disc->id });
my @releases = @{$result->release_list->releases};
if (scalar(@releases) < 1) {
print "Failed to find any matches for DiscID in MusicBrainz.\n";
print "You can submit the CD here:\n";
print $disc->submission_url()."\n";
printf("Found %d matches for DiscID:\n", scalar(@releases));
for(my $i=0; $i<scalar(@releases); $i++) {
my $release = $releases[$i];
printf("%2.2d) '%s' by '%s' (%s)\n", $i+1, $release->title, $release->artist->name, $release->id);
# FIXME: display release events here
# FIXME: display track list?
print "\nAre any of the above the correct disc? ";
die "Cancelled.\n" unless (<STDIN> =~ /(\d+)/);
my $release = $releases[$1-1];
print "\n";
# Create data to post to server
my @data = ();
my @tracks = @{$release->track_list->tracks};
for(my $i=0; $i<scalar(@tracks); $i++) {
my $track = $tracks[$i];
my $isrc = $isrcs[$i];
if (defined $isrc && $isrc ne '' && $isrc !~ /^0+$/) {
push(@data, "isrc=".$track->id.'%20'.$isrc);
# Check that we have something to submit
die "No valid ISRCs to submit." if (scalar(@data) < 1);
# Ask for MusicBrainz username and password
print "MusicBrainz Username: ";
my $username = <STDIN>; chomp($username);
my $password = read_password('Password: ');
# Send to Musicbrainz
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
$ua->credentials( '', '', $username, $password );
my $request = HTTP::Request->new( 'POST', '' );
my $response = $ua->request($request);
print $response->status_line."\n";
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njh commented Sep 16, 2019

You are probably better off using the much better Python script by @JonnyJD to submit ISRC to MusicBrainz:

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