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name: "LinkedIn Search",
author: { name: "Nalini Kartha", email: "" },
description: "Lookup someone on LinkedIn",
help: "Looks up the specified person (select or enter FULL name) on LinkedIn."+
"The middle intitals or names are ignored when searching.",
preview: function( pblock ) {
var msg = 'Lookup someone on LinkedIn. Supported Formats - <br/>' +
'"Firstname (Middle Initials or Names) Lastname"';
pblock.innerHTML = _( msg );
icon: "",
arguments: [{role: "object",
nountype: noun_arb_text,
label: "name"}],
execute: function( arguments )
var name = arguments.object.text;
var nameTokens = name.split( /[\s]+/ );
// Check that a name is specified
if( nameTokens.length == 0 ) {
displayMessage( _('Please specify a name.') );
// Check that the name is long enough
if( nameTokens.length == 1 ) {
displayMessage( _('Please specify a FULL name.') );
var fname = nameTokens[0];
var lname = nameTokens[nameTokens.length-1];
var url = ""+fname+"&last="+lname;
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