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Sascha Nowak nlx-sascha

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namespace Netlogix\Test\Controller;
/* *
* This script belongs to the TYPO3 Flow package "Netlogix.Test". *
* *
* */
use TYPO3\Flow\Annotations as Flow;
use TYPO3\Flow\Mvc\Controller\ActionController;
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<div ng-class="{'slide-active active': active}" class="item" ng-transclude></div>
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angular.module('myMdl', []).config(['$httpProvider', function($httpProvider) {
'$q', '$templateCache', 'activeProfile',
function($q, $templateCache, activeProfile) {
// Keep track which HTML templates have already been modified.
var modifiedTemplates = {};
// Tests if there are any keep/omit attributes.
var HAS_FLAGS_EXP = /data-(keep|omit)/;
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// Source:!topic/angular/hVrkvaHGOfc
// jsFiddle:
// author: Pawel Kozlowski
var myApp = angular.module('myApp', []);
//service style, probably the simplest one
myApp.service('helloWorldFromService', function() {
this.sayHello = function() {
return "Hello, World!"
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* Example of using an angular provider to build an api service.
* @author Jeremy Elbourn (
/** Namespace for the application. */
var app = {};
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