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nmcgann / s3-signer-test.php
Last active Oct 9, 2015
Amazon S3 Version 4 API request signer script
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//Simple example of links to files in a privately accessible s3 bucket being authorised.
//If the link is followed directly a 403 error will be returned with an xml error page.
//Instead jquery catches the click and creates an authorisation for the request assisted by
//a server that holds the access keys. The region, bucket and key are extracted and then a
//server-side authorisation query string is requested, appended to the link href and then the
//file is requested from s3.
// Bucket needs CORS turning on (for GET) and s3:GetObject permission needs to be present.
nmcgann / Dbpdo.php
Created Nov 23, 2015
PDO class to include timing and logging. Tested with mysql and mssql
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* dbpdo.php
* Wrapper class for PDO to handle connecting to different types of db (mssql and mysql).
* Also handles mssql on both windows and linux platforms by using sqlsrv and dblib pdo drivers.
* Adds a logging and timing facility for queries and prepared statements.
* A logging function can be passed to the constructor to capture all calls to the PDO routines.
* All normal PDO and PDOStatement functions can be used with no alterations.
nmcgann / Logger.php
Created Nov 23, 2015
Simple Logging class - logs to files only.
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* Logger class.
* Logs to file and defaults to a /logs/ subdirectory under this script location
* This is a bit mickey-mouse as loggers go, but helpful.
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------- //
nmcgann / sql_import_class.php
Last active Dec 14, 2016
PHP SQL Import Class to read an SQL dump file and run it as SQL statements over a PDO connection
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* Sql_import class.
* Reads a SQL file (e.g. a dump from phpmyadmin) and executes it programmatically.
* Handles procedures, triggers etc. and can load large dumps. Great for
* installer scripts to load up a db schema and populate with initial data.
* Came from:
nmcgann / install-cluster-client.config
Created Jan 13, 2016
AWS Elastic Beanstalk .ebextensions config to install Elasticache memcached cluster client (PHP 5.6)
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mode: "000744"
owner: root
group: root
content: |
#hide old ini
if [ -a /etc/php.d/50-memcached.ini ]
nmcgann / verify.js
Last active Feb 10, 2017
Javascript verify class based on using data atttibutes on the form inputs and submit(s). No jquery, just plain js (ES5).
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* JS form data verification routine. Uses data attributes on the field:
* "data-verify": regex pattern that must be true for no error.
* "data-error": error message.
* "data-options": options separated by "|". First is regex parameters i/g/m as per the RegExp constructor,
* second is inversion of the test if "not", or "req" if the test must pass and a non-empty field is
* not allowed (both req and not can be used if separated by a ";" or space). Third is the name of a special test function when
* a regex isn't sufficient to do the test. Test fn must be within ValidateForm (or added to the prototype).
* If an option is blank, it can just be left empty e.g. "|req" if there are no regex params, but data-verify
* field must be present so the field is recognised as needing verifying.
nmcgann / async-scriptloader.js
Created Feb 10, 2017
Simple Asynchronous JS script loader. Not clever or modern - just works.
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//js async loader
var $$ = $$ || {};
$$.asyncScriptLoader = function (url) {
//get currently loaded scripts
var allScripts = document.getElementsByTagName('script'),
alreadyLoaded = false;
function onLoad(){}; //url is parameter
function onError(){}; //url is parameter
nmcgann / pdo_mysql_session.php
Last active Feb 10, 2017
PHP Mysql session handling class using PDO. Includes row locking on reads to prevent ajax race condition issues. Needs php >= 5.4.
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* Mysql DB Session class with PDO
* Uses row locking to handle concurrent ajax access
* Requires a PDO db connection to be handed to the session constructor.
* Table:
nmcgann /
Created Mar 12, 2017
Provision and fix the Vultr LAMP stack (Centos 6). Adds PhpMyAdmin and fixes the broken .htaccess files due to fcgi config (as of March 2017)
#Provision the vultr Centos6 LAMP stack as it is a bit broken as standard
#update and fetch missing things
yum update -y
yum install -y php56u-bcmath php56u-imap php56u-intl php56u-pecl-memcache
#disable opcache for development
perl -pi -e 's/^opcache.enable=1/opcache.enable=0/' /etc/php.d/10-opcache.ini
nmcgann /
Created Mar 14, 2017
bash script to install memcache on AWS lightsail LAMP stack (Mar 2017)
#install memcache on AWS lightsail bitnami
#memcache (no "d") is handy for cross platform testing as it will work on windows
#WAMP etc. where the memcached version does not appear to have a windows port)
#(lightsail lamp has the build environment gcc etc. already installed)
#memcache version
cd /root/bitnami