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@nmicht nmicht/.npm-init.js
Last active Jan 11, 2019

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Script to override the npm init. Prompts for the normal stuff, but also creates a github repository
* This script can be used to override the current behave of `npm init`
* Can have a set of "defaults" values and also, will include functionality
* to create a Github repository for the project.
* You can set it:
* npm config set init-module YOUR-PATH/.npm-init.js
* Note: This is a work in progress, so there are some failures, mostly because
* npm is using promzard for the prompts, and it doesn't have async methods, so
* there are not enough flexibility to work on this script.
* - The github repository will be created with the basename even if the user
* select other name.
* - In case the folder already have a package.json or a git project, this will
* fail.
* - If the user select to not create a repository, even so will add the values
* to the package json.
* To disable you should execute:
* npm config set init-module
* Made with <3 by nmicht during RC bootcamp
const cp = require('child_process');
const USER = 'YOUR-USER';
const NAME = 'YOUR-NAME';
const GITURL = `${USER}/${basename}.git`
module.exports = {
name: prompt('name', basename ||,
version: prompt('version', '0.0.1'),
description: prompt('description', ''),
private: prompt('private', 'true', function(res) {
return priv = (typeof res === 'boolean') ? res : !!res.match('true')
main: prompt('entry point', 'main.js'),
keywords: prompt(function (s) { return s.split(/\s+/) }),
license: prompt('license', 'MIT'),
author: prompt('author', `${NAME} <${EMAIL}> (${WEBSITE})`),
create: prompt('create github repo', 'yes', function(res) {
res = res.indexOf('y') !== -1 ? true : false;
let gitCreateCommand = `curl -i -H "Authorization: token ${TOKEN}" -d '{"name": "${basename}", "private": "${(priv) ? 'true' : 'false'}}'`;
console.log('... Initializing Git repo ...\n');
cp.execSync('git init', {stdio: 'inherit'});
console.log('... Creating Github repo ...\n');
cp.execSync(gitCreateCommand, {stdio: 'inherit'});
console.log('... Adding git remote ...\n');
cp.execSync(`git remote add origin ${GITURL}`, {stdio: 'inherit'});
return undefined;
repository: {
type: 'git',
url: `git+${GITURL}`,
bugs: {
url: `${GITURL}/issues`,
homepage: GITURL,
cleanup: function(cb){
cb(null, undefined)
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