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public without sharing class UserLoginHistory{
public class loginHistoryWrapper {
public DateTime LoginTime {get;set;}
public String Status {get;set;}
public String LoginURL {get;set;}
public String LoginType {get;set;}
public String Application {get;set;}
public String Browser {get;set;}
public ID UserId {get;set;}
public loginHistoryWrapper(DateTime lt, String statuss, String LR, String ltype, String app, String brow, ID uid){
LoginTime = lt;
Status = statuss;
LoginURL = LR;
LoginType = ltype;
Application = app;
Browser = brow;
UserId = uid;
private Map<String, String> UrlParameterMap;
private User pU {get; set;}
public User u {
if(pU == null){
pU = [SELECT name FROM User WHERE ID = :UrlParameterMap.get('userId')];
return pU;
public List<LoginHistoryWrapper> Records {get; set;}
public UserLoginHistory(){
UrlParameterMap = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters();
List<LoginHistory> lRecords = [
SELECT LoginTime, Status, LoginURL, LoginType, Application, Browser, UserId
FROM LoginHistory
WHERE UserId= :UrlParameterMap.get('userId')
Records = new List<LoginHistoryWrapper>();
For(LoginHistory lh : lRecords){
Records.add(new LoginHistoryWrapper(lh.loginTime, lh.status, lh.loginURL, lh.LoginType, lh.Application, lh.Browser, lh.UserId));
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