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PPI app/console
$ ./app/console
PPI version 2.1.0-DEV - development/debug
[options] command [arguments]
--help -h Display this help message.
--quiet -q Do not output any message.
--verbose -v Increase verbosity of messages.
--version -V Display this application version.
--ansi Force ANSI output.
--no-ansi Disable ANSI output.
--no-interaction -n Do not ask any interactive question.
--shell -s Launch the shell.
--process-isolation Launch commands from shell as a separate process.
--env -e The Environment name.
--no-debug Switches off debug mode.
Available commands:
help Displays help for a command
list Lists commands
module:create Create a module
router:debug Displays current routes for an application
$ ./app/console router:debug
[router] Current routes
Name Method Scheme Host Path
Framework_404 ANY ANY ANY /404
Homepage ANY ANY ANY /
Homepage_Flashes ANY ANY ANY /flashes
Homepage_Twig ANY ANY ANY /twig
Homepage_Mustache ANY ANY ANY /mustache
Homepage_Smarty ANY ANY ANY /smarty
User_Signup ANY ANY ANY /signup
User_Signup_Save POST ANY ANY /signupsave
User_Logout ANY ANY ANY /logout
User_Login ANY ANY ANY /login
User_Login_Check POST ANY ANY /logincheck
User_Activate ANY ANY ANY /activate/{token}
User_Forgot_Password ANY ANY ANY /forgotpw
User_Forgot_Password_Send POST ANY ANY /forgotpwsend
User_Forgot_Password_Check ANY ANY ANY /forgotpwcheck/{token}
User_Forgot_Password_Save POST ANY ANY /forgotpwsave
User_Account ANY ANY ANY /account
User_Edit_Account ANY ANY ANY /editaccount
User_Edit_Account_Save ANY ANY ANY /editaccountsave
User_Edit_Password ANY ANY ANY /editpassword
User_Edit_Password_Save ANY ANY ANY /editpasswordsave
User_Manage_List ANY ANY ANY /users/manage
User_Manage_Edit ANY ANY ANY /users/manage/edit/{id}
User_Manage_Delete ANY ANY ANY /users/manage/delete/{id}
User_Manage_Create ANY ANY ANY /users/manage/create
User_Manage_Create_Save POST ANY ANY /users/manage/createsave
User_Manage_Edit_Save POST ANY ANY /users/manage/editsave/{id}
$ ./app/console -s
_____ _____ |_|
/ __ | / __ | /|
| |__| || |__| || |
| ___/ | ___/ | |
| | | | |_|
|/ |/
Welcome to the PPI shell (2.1.0-DEV - dev/debug).
At the prompt, type help for some help,
or list to get a list of available commands.
To exit the shell, type ^D.
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