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Created May 2, 2022
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import numpy as np
# decorator that validates inputs for the funding mechanisms
def funding_mechanism(func):
def wrapper(self, contribution_matrix: np.ndarray, *args, **kwargs):
# make sure the incoming contribution array is valid
if not isinstance(contribution_matrix, np.ndarray):
raise TypeError("contribution_matrix must be a numpy array")
if len(contribution_matrix.shape) != 2:
raise ValueError("contribution_matrix must be a 2D array")
return func(self, contribution_matrix, *args, **kwargs)
wrapper.__name__ = func.__name__
return wrapper
class RoundManager:
# TODO: docstring
def __init__(self, matching_funds: float):
self.matching_funds = matching_funds
# useful for comparing all funding mechanisms
self.funding_mechanisms = [self.quadratic_funding, self.one_dollar_one_vote, self.one_person_one_vote]
def _calculate_matching(self, votes_per_public_good: np.array):
assert len(votes_per_public_good.shape) == 1
return np.array(votes_per_public_good) / np.sum(votes_per_public_good) * self.matching_funds
def quadratic_funding(self, contribution_matrix: np.ndarray):
# if not np.all(contribution_matrix[contribution_matrix > 0] >= 1):
# raise ValueError("Quadratic funding requires each non-zero donation is >= 1 (because sqrt(x) when x is between 0 and 1 is larger than x).")
# quadratic funding requires each donation is >= 1
contribution_matrix[contribution_matrix < 1] = 0
votes = np.power(np.sum(np.sqrt(contribution_matrix), axis=0), 2)
return self._calculate_matching(votes)
def one_dollar_one_vote(self, contribution_matrix: np.ndarray):
votes = np.sum(contribution_matrix, axis=0)
return self._calculate_matching(votes)
def one_person_one_vote(self, contribution_matrix: np.ndarray):
contribution_matrix = contribution_matrix > 0
votes = np.sum(contribution_matrix, axis=0)
return self._calculate_matching(votes)
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nollied commented May 2, 2022

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