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git clone git:// -b language-ja
cd wordpress-heroku
heroku create
heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev
# copy DATABASE_URL(heroku config)
heroku config -s |grep HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_
heroku config:set DATABASE_URL=postgres://USER:PW@HOST:PORT/DB # set same var HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_*****_URL
# create a new branch
git checkout -b production
# need updating pg4wp from 1.2.2 to 1.3.0
# copy the wp-config.php and commit wp-config.php
cp wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php
rm .gitignore
git add -A .
git commit -m "zomg wordpress"
# deploy to heroku
git push heroku production:master
# open app
heroku open
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